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Genesis Software.
We look at financial services differently.


eInstadeal is one of the showcase software developed by Genesis for the debt market. Over the last two decades, Genesis has done pioneering work for the financial market by developing best-of-breed software to allow dealers to execute deals with ease.


By collaborating with some of the leading debt market dealers, Genesis gained in-depth knowledge and valuable insights to bring to life innovative IT products and solutions.

eInstadeal is not just a path-breaking IT software solution. It’s a comprehensive Debt Market Package that combines integrity of the data with security. It’s an all-encompassing solution for the smooth functioning of the organization dealing in Debt Market services.

eInstadeal For Wholesale Debt Market (WDM)

eInstadeal adds reliability and speed to the offers that get generated – which is highly critical. With large transactions there can be no room for error. It helps dealers in managing their complete operations. Extensive MIS reports helps management in taking informed decisions.

Key Features:

  • WDM Entry
  • Customized Deal Slips Generation
  • Customized Deal Confirmation Generation
  • Maker – Checker Concept
  • Contract Note Generation For All Types of Exchanges
  • Debit / Credit Note Generation
  • Yield Calculator / Amount with cash flows (YTM, XIRR, MMY)
    (Annualized, & Semi-annualized)
  • Consolidated Reports & Other MIS Reports Including Brokerage Reports
  • Trade File Upload
  • Audit Trails

eInstadeal For Retail Debt Market (RDM)

One of the top features of eInstadeal for Retail Debt Market is the ease and speed at which a new entrant can set up a trading division. That’s not all. It can generate yield calculation of complex securities and offer letter instantly. Thus converting client’s inquiry into deals.

Key Features:

  • Yield Calculator / Amount with cash flows (YTM, XIRR, MMY)
    (Annualized, & Semi-annualized, Call & Put Yields)
  • Offer Letter Generation
  • Stock Register
  • Deal Slip Entry
  • Generation of Deals
  • Deal Confirmation Letter
  • Maker – Checker Concept
  • Consolidated Reports & Other MIS Reports
  • Audit Trails

eInstadeal For Merchant Banking

When it comes to Merchant Banking, eInstadeal helps an arranger to manage public and private issues in a more organised manner. With complete automation of the process, the reach and success rate improves tremendously.

Key Features:

  • New Issue Entry
  • CP / NCD
  • Public & Private Issue
  • FDs
  • Application Entry
  • Investor Deal Generation
  • Thanks Letter & Deal Confirmation
  • Allotment Entry, Green Shoe Entry
  • Debit / Credit Note Entry
  • Consolidated Reports & Other MIS Reports
  • Fee Calculation
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